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(HIGH QUALITY) 47714 (with 47316 on the rear), passes Frisby on Saturday 30th April 2005, with a 1Z47 Shrewsbury-Peterborough Heartland Railtours charter. Hoot hoot!!!!

(HIGH QUALITY) 47200+47828, Frisby, 16/04/05 (1Z49 07.00 Wolverhampton-Norwich Heartland railtour)

47832 (47709 on rear), 1Z47 06.05 Norwich-Buxton, passing Frisby, 2/4/05.

(HIGH QUALITY) 47355 (47832 on rear), 1Z50 14.00 Nottingham-St.Pancras, passing Kirby Bellars (MML driver's strike relief train)

For a medium quality version of the above video, click here (this one will only take a few seconds to load, and the above is more suited to Broadband users)

47829, Cossington, July 2004 (4X76 Asfordby-Wembley Pendolino drag)

47703 (47832 on rear), 1Z76 Manchester-Norwich railtour, passing Kirby Bellars, 21/8/04.